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Siberian Ginseng

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    Sick of feeling like you barely have enough energy to get through the day? You want more power for your morning activities, an afternoon lift during a long workday, or a boost while you cheer your kids on the field. Put away the coffee— Siberian Ginseng natural supplement can offer you a hefty dose of energy.

    Since your body needs energy for day to day activities, not just to move, but to digest food, even to think and much more, it’s crucial that this process is well supported. Your body needs extra help from key nutrients to turn food into energy.

    Siberian Ginseng supplement can be a perfect addition to help you maintain the adequate amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients you may lack in your diet, and it’s filled with ingredients that benefit overall health and wellness. Whether you’re gearing up to seize the day, power through an afternoon slump, or hit the gym - Siberian Ginseng is a time-tested source of energy.

    At HerbalNatural London, we are committed to empowering holistic health, nutrition and assisting you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, by having access to many of nature’s healing herbs and botanicals such as Schisandra berry in a supplement form.

    Why choose our products?

    Herbnature is the leading providers of Chinese Medicine in London. We put product quality and our customers’ well-being as our first priority. We provide free consultations if you need.


    3 tablets per times, 2 times a day

    5 gram per times, 2 times a day

    Full Ingredients List

    Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian Ginseng)

    Safety & Storage

    • Not suitable for under 18.
    • If you are pregnant please consult a herbalist before 

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